Webinar: The do’s and don’ts of working with journalists

??The provocative “Do’s & Don’ts of Working with Journalists” is a must-listen?, must-watch media training experience, presented on behalf of WeWork Labs.

(It’s like a World Wide Wrestling Federation ? show with an excited ? American vs. a chilled-out, ☕️tea-sipping Briton. Apologies for the cliche as I have no idea if my guest REALLY drinks tea!)
? For anyone who works with the media, wants publicity or wonders how to best interact with journalists, check out my ? Webinar below, part of a 3-part series of ? communication in the Covid-19 ? era. Special Guest: Rob Cameron, BBC correspondent for Czech Republic & Slovakia.
? As a veteran contributor to the The New York Times, USA TODAY, the Jerusalem Post, The Independent, San Francisco Chronicle and SFGATE, ELLE Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler and dozens of other publications, I have a few secrets to share:
❓Do journalists read press releases?
❓Should you reach out to them on Facebook?
❓Why doesn’t anyone care about your event or product launch?
?There is only one way to get the media interested in your business, and I tell you what it is! Hint: Ist/Est/Rst.
Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback!