DisruptHR Talk: Your Sexual Harrassment is costing you Talent

When we think of harassment, we typically think of Harvey Weinstein demanding sex in return for movie stardom.  But harassment — making someone feel uncomfortable  and disadvantaged due to gender, race,  sexuality, ethnicity, age, pregnancy — is embedded in the power structures of nearly every workplace. More than 80 percent of women report experiencing harassment at work and the vast majority don’t report it. In the USA harassment can result in multi-million-dollar lawsuits. But not such lawsuits happen in Central Europe, so why worry? Because harassment is ruining your reputation; people are talking about you. If you don’t prevent harassment in your office, you are destroying productivity and diluting your talent pool.  I share will some crucial tips to find out what’s really happening  in your office and how to create a harassment-free space that benefits everyone.

Your Harassment Denial Is Costing You Talent | Dinah Richter Spritzer | DisruptHR Talks