Webinar: Let’s Play Confidence Game! Has self-doubt diminished your career dreams? Learn how to show your best self

Why is confidence so important? Confidence is believing in yourself, feeling comfortable in your true-self, knowing you have worth.

Sometimes our life story seems like it doesn’t add up because we feel like it lacks importance, order or cohesion. Then when we try to present ourselves to potential employers, we get nervous. And also some of us have grown up with so much criticism that we don’t know how to overcome our own self doubt to show our strengths.

How can we show our best selves without sounding arrogant? How can we face an interviewer who seems cold or even hostile? And how can we learn to craft a story about ourselves that makes us feel good, so that other people believe in us?

Confidence is going to be essential as we move up the work ladder, start our own businesses or seek that next job. In this hour-long introduction to the Confidence game, we learn what is keeping us from showing our best selves and how to tell our story! Hint: You are not a brand, you are a person