Why is Media Confident important to your business?

Media Confident is a Prague-based media training agency created by Dinah A. Spritzer, a foreign correspondent, professor and public speaker with more than three decades of reporting and training experience.

Media Confident courses teach you how to make journalists your allies. Distrust of fake news and phony PR has never been higher. Media confident can help your business defeat cynicism and gain trust among journalists and the public.

Sessions are tailored to your organization's specific media goals. We offer fail-proof simulation exercises  that enable you to practice your media response skills in real time.  

An organization's reputation also depends on workplace satisfaction. Media Confident's unique Why Diversity™ training is a natural offshoot of communications competency. 

Nukes, prostitutes and hotel inspections: A colorful media career.

Dinah's international journalism career has spanned high politics and age-old vices. 
Starting out as a journalist for the leading business-to-business title Travel Weekly, Dinah moved on to global politics and social issues. 
In Europe, Dinah wrote for the New York Times about architecture, discrimination and bootlegging. She also reported on Russia, nuclear proliferation and Barack Obama for USAToday. 
The crucial role of crisis communications became evident to Dinah as she covered the wars in former Yugoslavia and the collapse of several European governments. Dinah also chronicled Huaweii's public relations disaster in the midst of spying accusations. 

Dinah assumed a leadership role as news editor for the top Central European daily, The Prague Post, where she led groundbreaking coverage of prostitution, international politics and business transparency.

Dinah has also reported for Conde Nast Traveler, Elle , Women's E-News, Canadian Medical Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Irish Times, The Independent and The Jerusalem Post. Her coverage frequently focused on gender and minorities. In 2008 Dinah created her own global news agency, All Star Reports. Over ten years, All Star Reports placed thousands of celebrity-themed articles in more than 30 newspapers and magazines in Europe, South Africa, the United States and Australia. 

Practice make-or-break interviews with a journalist who has reported on major political and business crises.

Gender, minority and diversity issues were frequently at the forefront of Dinah's reporting. A witness of Me-Too backlash, Dinah learned to use practical incentives to shape her effective Why Diversity™ training.

Recognized as a "gifted professor" at high-ranking schools such as New York University, Dinah sought to combine her passion for teaching with her in-depth media knowledge.

As a writing coach, Dinah has demonstrated that anyone can learn to communicate clearly and powerfully through journalistic storytelling.  Dinah's MEDIA CONFIDENT program is based on means-tested practices in the ever-changing social media landscape.

As a public speaker, Dinah has lectured - and occasionally entertained - prime ministers, ambassadors, professors and CEOs. She has entranced her listeners with talks on journalism, religion, gender and European politics.

Women in Leadership panel discusses obstacles to equality in the workplace, 2019.

Media Confident takes community engagement seriously.

Along with media training and diversity, Dinah has an additional passion: helping children in need.

Dinah initiated the first-ever Halloween Trick-or-Treat for charity in Europe. The annual event in Prague, Czech Republic, where Dinah resides, draws massive costumed crowds onto the streets each October. The money raised funds for summer camps, school lunches and holiday gifts through SOS Children's Villages, a charity for foster children and families in crisis.

Though based in Prague, Media Confident provides services and training globally.