How will Media Confident increase your visibility and revenue?

Media Confident offers a range of services to help you win over the press, create lasting media partnerships and follow a specific plan to garner positive social media and press coverage.

Media Boot Camp

A contributor to USA Today, the New York Times and the The Jerusalem Post, veteran journalist Dinah Spritzer can show you how to create long-lasting, positive relationships with the old and new media.

Why Diversity™

Media Confident can help your organization discover and implement long-term diversity policies that empower everyone at your organization.

Crisis Management

To protect revenue, leaders must respond to a reputation crisis in minutes, not hours. Three quarters of top firms say their reputation is vulnerable, yet fewer than one third have a crisis communications plan.

Write Right!

Not a professional writer? Need to write reports, memos, customer communications? Then this course is for you! Learn how to communicate with your employees, colleagues and clients so they keep reading.

Journalism Training

Learn to write and report like a pro with a top-ranked university journalism professor. This course can be tailored to non-native English speakers and those new to the field. 

Content Creation

Catch your readers' attention and work with a highly experienced writer who knows how  to get eyes on your news. The highly experienced Media Confidence team can provide the content you need for a wide range of businesses. 

Think Like A Journalist: Know Your Audience

There are many public relations 'experts' out there who will offer to media train your staff, but unlike most, Dinah Spritzer has been a  journalist for decades. She can provide you with clear-cut examples of how companies lost or won the day through positive media relations. If you don't learn to think like a journalist, you will never be able to talk to a journalist.

Media Confident has answers to the questions that drive every organization's communications strategy:

  • Why do journalists focus on the negative and ignore the positive?
  • How much do journalists rely on social media to find stories?
  • What are the dos and don'ts of social media engagement?
  • What is a fail-proof way to get journalists and the public interested in your success?

Media Confident can fine tune your message with the right tone for an international audience. A multilingual team provides courses in whatever language will best support your organization's needs.

Get Media Confident

Working with the media is not about "communications". It's about building a long-term relationship based on real news you can use.